Workshop: May 30, 2013 | Making Your Case: An Online Course in Advocacy (ADARA)

Making Your Case: An Online Course in Advocacy (presented on behalf of Commission of Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing Minnesotans)
American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association, Bloomington, MN

Trudy’s thoughts

This online courseMaking Your Case, is such a crucial resource. It is so useful for so many things, especially legislative advocacy. Best of all, the course, available in American Sign Language, text and open captions, is available to anyone at no charge. It includes inspiring stories from grassroots leaders and real-life case studies.

Typically, this workshop is anywhere from an hour to three hours and filled with activities, but ADARA had a lightning-round format for this year’s conference. This meant I had only 30 minutes to present a chunk of key information. The interpreters were fabulous, and so were the 100-plus participants. Hopefully they will bring this course back to their communities and encourage people to participate.

Evaluation comments

  • …good presentation!
  • Very energetic.  Great interaction.  Very valuable learning.  Thank you.
  • Great stuff…loads of good info quickly
  • …overall great presentation
  • Trudy was great!
  • Nicely developed training.

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