In response to the recent AGB letter controversy, Robin Horwitz has created an #iamdeaf page on Facebook, and I was among the people he asked to make a clip to include in the first #iamdeaf video. Take a look at the video (also available on YouTube), along with so many others, … [Continue reading]

Giving Credit Where It Wasn’t Due

Giving Credit Where It Wasn’t Due

Video description: Trudy, a white woman with shoulder-length brown hair, is wearing a deep royal blue sweater. She is seated in the corner with brown bookshelves on her right and a sea blue wall on her left. I was the keynote speaker at a world languages ceremony at a public high school last … [Continue reading]

Deaf Women Supporting Deaf Women

This article originally appeared in Get a Z Life Magazine.  When you put a group of women together to work, what do you get? Ask anyone this … [Continue reading]

Full, unfiltered access to ASL and the world


(Reposted from my Facebook page, February 13, 2016) My (deaf) daughters and I went out for dinner, and my four-year-old asked me why it rained. My … [Continue reading]

sComm: An Update


Read my original article and open letter (available in ASL and English) before reading the below. Warning: This article includes … [Continue reading]

Deaf Life Magazine Person of the Month

How awesome. At the risk of tooting my own horn (does it make a difference if I don't hear the horn?), I learned that I had been chosen as Deaf Life … [Continue reading]

An email from sComm

My hosting company sent me this earlier today. Hi Trudy - We were contacted by the below company with the stated concern. Can you address this … [Continue reading]

Speech given at a high school in 2015

The following is a speech I gave at a public high school's world languages ceremony in 2015. Read the article I wrote about this … [Continue reading]

Open letter to Jason Curry, sComm CEO

Open letter to Jason Curry, sComm CEO

(To learn more about this open letter, go here.) March 30, 2015 Mr. Curry: Thank you for the video you released on Friday, March 27, … [Continue reading]

Doing More Harm than Good

sComm: Doing More Harm than Good

(See the bottom of this page for a link to sComm's response to this and my follow-up response in both ASL and English. I have also posted updates at … [Continue reading]