Maryland ready to have Bonheyo take over football

Originally appeared in Silent News, August 2001.

Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick has scored a touchdown with the hiring of its new football coach, Andy Bonheyo. Bonheyo is leaving his athletic director position at the Texas School for the Deaf and will start at Maryland in the fall. In addition to coordinating the football program, he will work with the elementary and middle school athletics programs and teaching a few courses.

“I am elated to have Andy working at Maryland School for the Deaf. His presence has already lifted morale among not just our football players, but the whole student body as well,” said Scott Morrison, MSD Athletic Director.

Bonheyo brings with him an impressive record: eight football national championships (and a ninth one as an assistant coach) at both Model Secondary School for the Deaf and Texas School for the Deaf, a track national championship, in addition to three district championships at Texas and three tri-state conference championships at Model, and to top it all off, a football career record of 91-39-1.

A Minnesota native, Bonheyo graduated from the Minnesota School for the Deaf, and went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Gallaudet University and master’s degree. in computer science from John Hopkins University. He was assistant coach at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf to Bob Westermann and Rich Pelletier, both well-known coaches, and then was head coach from 1987 to 1990 and again in 1992. He eventually moved to Texas with his wife Lori and their two boys, and worked as head coach at TSD for seven years. There, he brought Texas five straight national championships.

The years of experience have certainly helped shape Bonheyo’s winning coaching style. He is sad to leave Texas, but eager to start working at Maryland. “Working at Texas will always be a memorable experience, especially winning five straight national titles. Support from alumni, staff, administrators, students and parents at Texas is awesome! ” he said in an e-mail.

Morrison has faith in Bonheyo. “We will benefit from his leadership in developing our strength and conditioning program as well as his coaching,” he said. “I’ve known Andy for a long time and there is no question the impact he will have on our program will be felt for years to come. I feel quite fortunate to have Andy join me in shaping the future of Maryland athletics. I know we will make a great ‘tag team.'”

Bonheyo agreed. “I am looking forward to working closely with the athletic director, Scott Morrison. I believe that we, as a team, along with other coaches, will make an impact on MSD athletics and put the school on the map. The school superintendent, Jamie Tucker, has shown a lot of support for the athletics program and I am really excited about it.”

When asked about his expectations for the Maryland program, Bonheyo said, “My expectations for MSD football program will not be any different than at MSSD and Texas. I want for my boys to enjoy playing football and of course, develop a winning attitude. Attitude is everything! Hopefully, down the road, we will be the team to beat.”

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